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The pre-production process involves a team of editors, illustrators and designers, who ensure that the school books are of high-quality, give appropriate information on the subject and cover syllabus according to the curriculum. We seek feedbacks directly from the schools to edit the content as per latest requirements.

Printing and Binding

Our books are printed on the finest quality of paper using state-of-the-art machinery. The physical production of the printed books culminates with binding and warehousing.

Animation and Digitalisation

We make our books lively by the technique of animation by conversion of text and pictures into a digital form that can be displayed on a smartboard. This promotes interactive and smart learning among children.

Sales and Distribution

We have a team of 100+ salesmen all across the country that books orders from schools as well as from bookstores to distribute books nationally. Our sales team ensures timely delivery of books as per purchase orders.

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